What Desktop Enviroment / Window Manager does everyone use. I still haven't found a place that feels "home"?

@jocor Xfce is nice. It does have a few weird things and sometimes I envy KDE, but in general it's just pretty pleasant.

@qub I want to like xfce but there is something about the cursor movement that I can't put my finger on but feels off.

@jocor I'm on i3wm right now. I really like the keyboard-driven approach moat of the time, but would rather have it integrated in a full desktop environment. GNOME with pop!shell is supposed to be something like that and I'll try it out soon.

I've used XFCE for a long time before and liked it as well.

@dwagenk I liked i3 but I can't decide if I like tilers. I like the keyboard driven part but sometimes tiling makes things just not fit right.

@jocor After trying many different window managers and desktop environments I settled down for KDE Plasma. It just fits. I can configure necessary things very quickly or can customize absolutely everything.

@mmk2410 I think I am intimidated by plasma because of the whole QT echosystem when all I have gotten familiar with is GTK based

@jocor I can understand that. Before Plasma I used StumpWM where it was more improvement for me that a tool fitted in my work flow than on what framework it was built. But at least for me the framework doesn't matter that much since the default Plasma theme (Breeze) is also officially available as GTK theme and works very well in my opinion.

@mmk2410 what distro is your preferred kde experience

@jocor that's quite hard to answer. If you just want to use the newest KDE Plasma and Applications and don't care about the rest or if you like to just check it out than I'd recommend KDE Neon. Otherwise I'd say that it depends more on your other preferences. I didn't use any distro yet which had a bad KDE experience for me.

@jocor I have found my home with KDE. It's still not ideal, I'd prefer less bugs and crashes. But I love the infinite things you can customize. Everything is tweaked just so. I like the simpleness of budgie too.

I like the simplicity of GNOME. Menus feel old-fashioned to me.

@jocor Gnome with the following extensions:

1. Dash to Dock
2. Tray Icons

@jocor I am on elementary and prefer their Pantheon desktop. Gnome is the second preference. I used to run Pop!_OS and I preferred their default Gnome desktop. I haven’t played around much with desktop environments and pretty much go with whatever the distro provides.

@jocor I recently switched from Gnome to i3 and I love it.

@jocor right now DWM. Came from i3. But that's not the end. I'll try more tiling wm in the future. Bspwm and herbstluftwm are on my list

@jocor Which DE did you come from before now?
I use KDE, but such a broad question will just get a list of DE's you could get off a web search as replies ;-)
There are ways to get similar look and feel for w/e you are used to - if that's what you want.

@gemlog my problem is I have used everything. I have used both windows and Mac before coming to Linux. In Linux I have used gnome, KDE, budgie, pantheon, cinnamon, mate, and window managers like i3, and openbox. I think I am just perpetually unsatisfied.

@jocor Figure out which features you like and dislike and go with the most configurable one. You know I will say kde, but it's GUI is so extensive that it could be listed as a bug ;-)

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