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Christmas is closing in, let's share your favourite Christmas wallpaper!

Images should preferably be shared via a host that respects our privacy and does not compress the image.

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An English-speaker friend of mine expressing her frustrations with trying to learn languages with grammatical gender:

"English may be three languages in a trenchcoat going through other languages' pockets for spare grammar, but at least I don't have to try and remember whether those pockets are girl pockets or boy pockets."

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Police are starting to turn those Ring doorbells into an always on surveillance network. So, if you have one you are now literally snitching on your neighbors to the state. Throw it away.

@nathand accidentally fat fingered an unfollow so sent another request sorry.

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Anyone use newsboat and pocket? Trying to see if I can figure out how to send articles to pocket from newsboat

@regolith day 1 has been a success thanks for the tips on getting it working with 20.10 on Twitter.


@mike @kev also if it is not difficult I would be happy to help with creating these, I am not sure how its done but would be willing to learn.

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@mike or @kev wondering if you or anyone has made a @regolith linux icon for use on fosstodon? If not or not possible thats cool but recently switched and liking it so far.

I’m no @HexDSL but I am excited to start my tiling wm / terminal apps experiment

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someone at work just said smtp stands for "send mail to people" im dead

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@datenteiler You can watch Star Wars in ASCII via


@mike hey mike. Random question I see that your icon in your name isn’t ubuntudde anymore. Wondering why you switched since I am trying out Ubuntudde now and looking for any possible future pain points.

@mike curious on your choice of what made you switch to it?

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hey, #linux #hacker and all kinds of #sysadmin folks...

Do you still use (or want to use) Thinkpads as your go-to #laptop ? If so, which model would you recommend? If not, what would you use instead?

I've been adopting various kinds of laptops over the years, from Chromebooks to Dells to Macs, and I think maybe it's time just to have a normal laptop when I'm on the go. I'm thinking something serious, heavy, sturdy, wired Ethernet connection, USB 3s and Cs, etc..?

also, #debian over #Ubuntu ?

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My new laptop is almost fully working after eight months.

@mike what is the emoji logo In your display name? I don’t recognize it.

@JoshStrobl loving @Solus. Very new to development but wanting to contibute. Any needs that a green dev (or non dev related) that is needed?

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