@andri what is the littlest box to the left of the 4-bay?

And nice screamy red man and NMH albums. ;)

@jm It's a switch that connects the NASes to the router through one ethernet cable. You can see the cable going through the wall. 😃

Also thanks! Half the reason I made this post was to show off my vinyls. 😄

@andri too far to the left, I meant the box that now I'm thinking says Eaton on it. Small UPS?

@jm Ohhh yeah that's an Eaton 5E UPS! Haven't had a power outage in years, but I felt unsafe without it. :D


@andri I dig it! Much better footprint than the APC BackUPS 650 that keeps my NAS going. Definitely helps you sleep at night knowing they'll stay up through a power event.

Any chance you use rsync to transfer to either of those Synology boxes? I hit a weird issue recently and am curious if anyone else has had similar troubles.

@jm Nope, I don't use rsync. I have set up that syncs files from my phone and laptop to there. Also, the smaller Synology is my flatmate's, not mine. :P

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