_Years_ ago, I wish someone had seen my paper copy of 'What Colour [sic] Is Your Parachute?', just walked up to me and paraphrased this quote. After learning how to learn, learning mastery has to be _the_ key life skill.

"A better motto for most youth [than 'Follow your bliss'] is 'Master something, anything.' Through mastery... you can drift towards extensions... that bring you more joy, and eventually discover where your bliss is." kk.org/thetechnium/68-bits-of-

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Wanted: POC consultants for sci-fi story :boost_ok:​ 

I'm currently working on a sci-fi story set in the far future, and it's my goal to create a world that does not feel white US/Euro-centric. I'd like to pay a few folks for some input as consultants. Mostly, describing how they see their culture developing in the future scenario I describe and being available for future questions. Feel free to ask questions here or via DM and please pass this along to folks who may be interested!

I remember really enjoying what was called The Professional, in North America; wondered whether I would now. Reading this, I think I'll pass.


"The depiction of overtly sexualised girlhood is tiresome at best, and dangerous at worst." And Portman, last year: "No one would make Léon today."

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Programmers PSA - Learn to justify your effort 


You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!


* The issue was reported with a vague description of how to recreate it.
* The reported issue was related to functionality, I'm not familiar with. 
* I took the time to investigate the real cause of the issue, not just looking at the symptoms. 
* I investigated if there were other ways of getting to the same problem, not just the reported reproduction steps.
* I took the time to verify if there were other parts of the code that might be affected in similar ways.
* When I found the cause of the issue, I looked to find the simplest way of fixing it that would have minimal risk of introducing side-effects.
* I tested the change thoroughly and verified that it addressed the problem for all the different code paths that were affected.

#programming #management

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Here is a template in PDF format of the Mastodon Paper-Toy.
You will need scissors, glue and a cutter. It may take a bit of patience as well ^^


#papertoy #papercraft #mastodon #mastotoy #mastocraft #diy

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@gray @jamie if it goes wrong, I point toward the disclaimer (linked in my footer).

I'll paraphrase what it say here though... "Kev is muppet, don't listen to anything he says!"

You've been warned! 😄

Joking aside, that's awesome Jamie. I hope it works out for you man.

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@kev Couple of weeks ago you wrote a blog post about doing work that you love. I thought about it a lot and realised that I don't enjoy my work anymore and that I'm stuck in a rut - anyway, the result was that I applied for a secondment to a different team at work and I got told today that I've been successful.

Just a long way of saying thanks for writing it really.
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