@en In India, I paid about 1k INR a month in 2010, for less than 50GB of data (don't remember the exact number at the moment) but today, I pay about 450 INR a month, for 3333GB. This is broadband/WiFi, not mobile data. Comparing 2010 and now, my browsing patterns have changed a lot; today I consume about 30GB a day, most of the data goes in streaming.

@en Unlimited mobile data is available too, but is actually throttled after a limit, which is 2GB if I remember well, per day. Since 2020, I am mostly home, so I haven't been paying for mobile data. It's just WiFi at the moment.


@aruns Thanks for the reply! 1k INR (around 12€) sounds incredible cheap for broadband. I pay 40€ per month for 100mbits broadband and now +20€ for mobile data. 😅 But of course you also have to put the purchasing power in proportion... Currently I use around 5-15 GB of broadband data per day (virtual desktop and streaming).

@jle It's actually 450 INR (4.5 GBP) today for 3.3TB broadband. 😉 This infographic about mobile data costs being cheapest in India is relevant too: forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy

@jle I forgot to note that it's 30Mbps. For 100Mbps, at the same amount of data, it's 8.5 GBP.

@aruns Re the infographic: Switzerland being so expensive for mobile data seems wrong to me. And 7$ for 1GB in Germany is also not that up-to-date anymore. 🤔

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