Trying out (selfhosted instance).

It appears Plume takes the title and makes it the URL slug, spaces included.

But over activitypub federation, the spaces break the URLs! Is this real or am I stupid?

Writefreely is perhaps too minimalistic, Plume messes up URLs, Ghost and Grav don't have activitypub plugins...

Is wordpress truly the only fully-featured activitypub-compatible blogging platform?

@jle didn't know about this project, but it looks very much like what I need!

(Looking at the code repo URL, I'm assuming this is your project? 😀 If so, congrats, looks really nice at first glance!)

@yarmo Yes it is. I'm using it myself for my blog and website, as well as a diary. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask! 😊

@jle great to hear!

Got set up very quickly, excited to go further! Am stuck right now because I use a reverse proxy (caddy) and I need a pem certificate for activitypub to work.

If you happen to have any pointers, that would be great :) now trying to figure out how to convert caddy keys to goblog-compatible certificates


I use Caddy as well. Just disable public HTTPS (Let's Encrypt) and set the port and public address.

I think you can generate a PEM Key yourself, just like in this tutorial:

But I'll take this as a motivation to implement automatic ActivityPub key generation.


@yarmo Implemented automatic key generation. No need anymore to manually create an ActivityPub private key.

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