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Hello Fosstodon!

I created a Fosstodon profile to be able to better engage in Fediverse comments on my blog posts and other threads. You can follow my blog at @en and @de.

I'm a developer and blogger from Germany and always curious to discover new things online.

Feel free to contact me! 😊

I pulled my Raspberry Pi 4B out of the drawer, ordered and installed a new case, installed Ubuntu Server and Tailscale, and now Pi-Hole too. Finally the Raspberry has a use!

Sophos on my work PC was replaced with F-Secure. Everything works smoother now and no more random slowdowns. 🤔 But third-party AV software still sucks.

Without air conditioning and limited mobility there is rather limited times I can do things during the summer. Winter is not fun either without heat, and 4 years ago I did get a fire from a propane heater. I also have been flooded out, twice in my life, from what were called "once in a 1000 year" floods. But many of the locals believe climate change is imaginary, and not their problem anyway even if true.

Since going vegan people would often ask but don’t you miss Bacon sandwiches. To be fair sometimes I did but you know what I would miss more a stable climate. You gotta do what you think is right. The climate crisis is killing people now and I can forgo meat & dairy easy.

Since recently I can publish posts with location. Now there is also a map with all posts on my English and German blog. 😉

I had to install Windows just another time, because now with an NVMe drive, it's really fast 🚀

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