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@novimatrem I mean, don't blame her. Who could resist?

@marwe Yeah, I'm crazy enough to do such a thing. It's built on top of established crypto libraries, because I'm not crazy enough to do reinvent *that*.

My security paranoia seems to be both a blessing and a curse. My password manager corrupted its database on me the other day (unbeknownst to me). My rigorous backups are what saved me, but the password manager that failed was the one I wrote myself.

Looks like I need to put in a bugfix tonight.

@kenny I don't trust VPNs for similar reasons (centralized control).

@XxAlexXx They cited their anti-spam policy without giving any specifics... on an account I hadn't used in months. The ban happened immediately after I changed and confirmed my email address. That's all I've got.

Welp, it's official. I'm banned from without any reasonable explanation or opportunity for appeal.

This is why proprietary communication platforms are garbage.

@scylla I'm more of an Emacs guy myself. I started using it because the built-in Lisp interpreter was useful for some of the tasks I was doing at the time.

It's now broken me for using anything else.

This Linus takedown of an antivaxxer is close to perfect, I really enjoyed this (short) read :)

Shamelessly stolen from @malin

@fedops I used (and loved) mutt back when I was self-hosting my email. I assume neomutt is based on it. I'll have to check it out.

Hey Fediverse, I've been playing with for . I'm actually really liking it, but now my desktop client () is feeling a little lacking.

Can anyone recommend a privacy-centric email client for ? Good support is a must.

Pro Tip: when going in vacation, bring your own router. I bring my GLiNet Mango and often run it on a battery. You only need to log one device into the new network.

Don't read this if you're vegan 

@sotolf You know, I was interested in learning more about veganism. I started asking questions in /r/vegan on Reddit, but eventually unsubscribed because I couldn't deal with the toxicity of the community.

It seemed to only be a small minority who were the problem, but I just couldn't afford the mental bandwidth to deal with it.

And just like that, I'm officially under quarantine... which really doesn't change a whole lot, but still...

@scylla When will we learn that DRM is stupid and impossible to do correctly?

@scylla @proactiveservices True enough. I'm also pretty sure it also doesn't play well with Windows.

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