Abandoned Gmail yesterday over privacy concerns. I still check it periodically to make sure nothing important is still going there, and I get this today.

Sure... I believe you.

After some weeks of construction, we have finally regained access to our balcony… er, aquarium?

Before and after shots included.

We're supposed to have a wind storm tonight with gusts of up to 80km/h, and I have this guy parked just outside my kitchen window.

It's going to be an interesting night.

Not to be the guy who posts pictures of their food, but this turned out looking way too good not to share.

Looks like I'm getting personalized spam by text message now. I don't know whether to be angry or impressed.

Katy and I got permission from work to share an office while working from home. Even with noise cancelling head sets, the echo was a bit much.

This is how I spent my evening today. Opposite wall looks the same.


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