Let's talk about NFTs! (Thread will be continued in unlisted toots below this one.)

With so many new users arriving on .art fleeing Twitter and their support of NFTs, I thought it might be a good time to talk about .art's stance on NFTs. While users are allowed to share their NFT art on here, as Curator I will never boost it, and .art will never integrate with anything NFT related and will not encourage or promote any NFT-related content.

The general vibe of our creative userbase (and indeed, a large portion of the greater Mastoverse) is that NFTs are, at best, problematic - if you've chosen .art to share your NFTs, you may find yourself struggling to get an audience, and might get more engagement on an instance specifically related to NFTs/crypto.


NFTs are about money, not art. They do not serve the best interests of artists, and it's increasingly common to hear of artists who've had their art stolen by NFT sites. If you're thinking of getting into NFTs, *please* research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.

@Curator and I'm one of them! :_catsad:

It was a pain in the ass to finally get one of my most recognized photos out of an NFT search engine site for art, only to find out that it's still available elsewhere because it's an engine...
Which it wasn't clear to me when I approached them with my takedown request. :blob_dizzy_face:


@eloisa @Curator My solution to NFTs is to recognize them for the joke that they are and to simply ignore them. They're completely meaningless.

@jlamothe @Curator as an artist that's getting their work ripped off and sold that doesn't help at all, since that's a sell I didn't make, on top of the insult that is having my name associated with something I don't want to, nor gave my consent to.

Yes, they're meaningless, but when it's situations like mine it becomes something else too. Don't minimize an artist's testimony, feelings and experience just because you don't personally care about what happens!

@eloisa I hear what you're saying and I sympathize. I agree that artists deserve to be credited and fairly compensated for their work, but the idea that once you've put something online you can maintain control over what people do with it is naïve at best.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try, but it's the kind of thinking that leads to foolish things like DRM. Just know that it's going to be an uphill battle.

@jlamothe sigh. You don't get it. Not only that, now you're insulting me. Don't @ me anymore.

@eloisa :bear_hugs: I didn't get the @ for this convo, not sure why - I'd have chimed in but don't want to poke the bear now, best ignore. For what it's worth, as someone who's also had my art ripped off (not by NFTs - at least not that I know of! - just in general), I feel you. It's crap.

@Curator he untagged you and I followed that with my reply.

Thanks! 🤗

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