Started using ( @delta ) this morning and I am hella impressed so far. I am feeling a little "who needs XMPP!" but also a little "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to reimplement it badly over HTTP" and I don't know which impulse is winning

@silverwizard @delta I've actually been using Delta Chat for a while now. My only major complaint is that the way it handles PGP could use improvement.

@delta @jlamothe That's valid. I don't encrypt or sign a lot of email, mostly because finding people who care is rare, and I mostly rely on what server *sent* the email if people care

@silverwizard Yeah, I actually haven't figured out how to register my PGP key with it. I'm also the weirdo who signs all his messages whether or not I have a key to encrypt to or not. I've gotten a few instances of "what are these weird attachments on your emails?" (the signature file and public key)

@jlamothe Yeah, and I kinda wish more email was like that. But it really needs WOT to get off the ground, and I don't have enough people inside a WOT to make it useful.
@jlamothe and if I had keys that were modern I'd sign it, but blah
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