TIL halon flooding systems aren't nearly as dangerous (toxic) as I thought they were.


@jlamothe yeah totally agree, who needs to know what's inside a fire extinguisher even if it would make the flames bigger, long live asbestos! And who needs lungs? The important thing is not to die from covid or in a fire the other forms of deaths are optional, not on CNN, not important. But it's mandatory not to die from the superstar virus of the moment presented on Corona News Network our true god which beholds the supreme truth

@TooTankhaMooN Okay. Against my better judgement, I'll bite. Assuming it's all a big conspiracy as you seem to suggest. What's the end game here? Why push an unsafe vaccine on the masses?

If we admit we have fake news why can't we have a fake virus or an over exaggerated one? And why we even have a word, conspiracy if nothing ever is a conspiracy? If we resect from the start that possibility how we can have a rigorous conclusion? And if you think intelligence agencies are so powerless about this, well that's on you. They said it was a natural occurring virus and now we know that might not be the case.

@TooTankhaMooN when someone cries conspiracy, the burden of proof lies on that person. Why do you believe it is? Again, what's the endgame here?

@jlamothe don't get it why you use the conspiracy word considering this doesn't even exist for you so how the hell i suppose to prove to you something that you strongly think it's not existent. It's like i finished my dinner and now i'm trying to hear somebody telling me how hungry i still am. If you already have a formed opinion it's pointless to even bother to demonstrate anything given the fact you already have a result.


c'est tellement idiot. mais du niveau mental de la population actuelle.


mais le souffle d'une tête nucléaire peut éteindre les incendies...

facile, rapide, efficace...

@jlamothe It's the small things thatcontibute to a better soceity. You're a hero.

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