Telling my nephew that code stuff *is* hard to learn, while also telling him he's not too young to learn is a really hard line to walk

@silverwizard It's one of those things that's hard until it isn't.

I mean, there's parts of it that are hard, but there's nothing more satisfying than that "aha!" moment when you finally get it, imho.


@silverwizard the beauty of programming is that you get to have those moments over and over again as there's always something new to learn.

@jlamothe Yeah, definitely

One of the things I hate is how much of programming is work that is rote as hell

But right now I am trying to teach him that he is able to do things on a computer, not just use programs, that that's an option for *him* and not just me

@silverwizard I had an old job where I was writing code for monitoring systems. The language was nowhere near turing-complete and I found myself having to write very similar programs again and again. I eventually wrote an Emacs script that would ask me for some parameters and write the code for me. Moral of the story: if it's monotonous enough, automate it.

@jlamothe Obviously

but, also, I don't even want that amountm I'm a sysadmin in my soul, I don't *like* code
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