Hey Fediverse, I've been playing with for . I'm actually really liking it, but now my desktop client () is feeling a little lacking.

Can anyone recommend a privacy-centric email client for ? Good support is a must.

@fedops I used (and loved) mutt back when I was self-hosting my email. I assume neomutt is based on it. I'll have to check it out.

I'm afraid I'm a Mutt aficionado. Anachronistic but comfortable to me.

@Tay0 same here for Alpine. I don't know if it's anachronistic. People have been conditioned to expect graphical mail clients. But I find there are few advantages and lots of disadvantages to them.

@jlamothe I use Mutt. I used to use Neomutt, but went back when I realized that I don't use anything that Neomutt has to offer. Another issue I had with it was the fact that it lacks all USE-flags on Gentoo, so I couldn't install it without support for IMAP get cetera.

There was a list off (#)InternetApplications that we shared recently that might you.

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