work rant, rude language 

I work tier-1 tech support, dealing with the general public. I really don't get paid enough for the abuse I am sometimes expected to endure.

Dear customers: I am not personally responsible for your problem. I *am* the guy who's trying to help you. My last call of the day ended with me being told "go screw yourself".

Stay classy.

work rant, rude language 

@jlamothe I worked in a call center and I used to be the tier 1 technical support. The work was shit, not only because I had to deal with customers but because the process for attending calls was shit. Then bosses were asking why people rotate too much in these jobs.

That's why I try to be nice with people who works in the call center because I know that feel.

work rant, rude language 

@jlamothe T1's don't get paid enough for what they do.

My best advice is get the experience you need for a year or two, maybe a cert or two if you don't have a degree, and then apply out for T2 or something somewhere else.

In my experience the best way to get a raise in entry and junior jobs is to start the cycle over again somewhere else, where previous opinions of you-from-2-years-ago aren't affecting HR's view of current-day-you's estimated worth and compensation.

work rant, rude language 

@wholesomedonut @jlamothe +1. Get a couple of years in T1 to build as much experience as you can, then move on. Preferably to a different company. Your future employer will see that as you being eager to improve, rather than being a job hopper.

Most good sysadmins I know have gotten started in tech support.

work rant, rude language 

@fedops @wholesomedonut Yeah. I've worked as a developer in the past. I'd gone into business for myself doing that, but things stalled during the pandemic.

I eventually took a "regular job" to make ends meet, but I didn't want to take a developer job again because I didn't want it to pose a conflict of interest.

That's the short version. The full situation is too complex to explain in a toot. My situation is somewhat self-imposed.

Wagie Tears 

Wagie, wagie, get in cagie,
Boss needs help! Don't be lazy!
Zero breaks will make you crazy?
I'll tell the guards to get their tazie.
Work your fingers to the bone,
Bosses need vacation homes.
Love your work! Love the pain!
Feel the life drain from your brain.
Think of all you have to gain,
As your dreams go down the drain.
Come on wagie, join the crew,
Don't you want your wages too?
You deserve it. You're a tool.

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