has just disabled my account without proper explanation (vaguely citing their anti-spam policy). Is there some sort of appeals process?

@jlamothe oh shoot. That must be terrible, do u have a way to let people I'm those servers know?

@joeligj12 Not really. It's not like I used it a whole bunch anyways. I'm pretty sure they didn't like my change of email address. I was banned right after verifying it.

I have a catch-all at my domain, and I use mail filters to sort messages based on where they were sent. I'm guessing they didn't like that it contained the word discord.

At any rate I've used their "contact us" link to try to file an appeal. We'll see where (if anywhere) it goes.

@jlamothe I just quit Discord when that happened to me but at that time most people I knew where on Telegram/Signal/Matrix so it wasn't that hard just like quiting Telegram a few months later :D

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