Just opened a feature request for K-9 Mail. Turns out there's been a similar one (that I didn't notice) open since 2015. Not expecting a quick resolution on this. Can anyone recommend a mail client for that supports having separate keys for each identity on a single email account?

Check FairEmail. It might. It's on Fdroid.

@Tay0 I've looked at it. Found the interface to be rather non-intuitive, but maybe I'll give it another go.

I've tried it and really liked it. It might be one of those you either like it or hate it things.

@Tay0 I'm not opposed to trying it again, if it can do what I need it to, I'm happy. It's strange to me that it has a paid tier though. How does one do that in a FOSS project without including some sort of DRM-like anti-feature to enforce payment for that functionality?

I have no objection to paying for a useful service, but I feel iffy about handing my PGP keys over to a proprietary app.

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