For all the things that just does, why can't I just plug my phone into my computer via USB and use it as a ?

@fedops Playing with it now, but it's much more complicated than it rightly ought to be.

@jlamothe is it? Enable developer mode, plug the phone in, start the host app which autostarts the android app, done.

My old phone is a hair too slow to start the app and respond in time, so there's always a "communication error" the first time. But other than that it's one of the smoother things on my work-issue craptop.

@fedops I just wish I didn't have to rely on third-party apps. Most webcams are just plug-and-play, are they not?

@jlamothe yeah I agree. Compared to how streamlined some other things are in mobile land.

@jlamothe This seems pretty straightforward: Though it would be cool if you just plugged it in and it showed up as a webcam, similar to USB tethering.

@andri And why shouldn't it work that way? I make fun of apple for the fact that their phones don't just shou up as a USB drive when plugged in. It doesn't seem like a big ask.

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