I really ought to learn to use . I keep running into tasks that seem like it's the exact tool I'd need. I'm just lazy.

@jlamothe yup awk is a really useful tool to have.

@uoou has done a nice video intro - recommended.

@uoou @fedops Yeah... this is the video that made me realize I need to learn it. ;)

@jlamothe @fedops Yeah, I getya. I'm in the same boat. Awk is a huge tool/language. I learned that it can do networking the other day:

I feel like I know a fraction of a percent of what awk can do.

@uoou @jlamothe same here, and I feel more and more that's true for everything. The amount of functionality that's baked into the tools we use every day is just staggering.

@fedops @uoou I really like the UNIX idology of having a bunch of small tools that do one thing really well. Things like awk sometimes scare me a little.

...says the emacs user. :/

@jlamothe @uoou 😂

Remember awk is an interpreted programming language, in addition to also being extremely useful as a filter.

@fedops @uoou It seems to exist in this weird middle ground. It's an interpreted programming language, but a weirdly specialized one.

@jlamothe @fedops There's a really great video about that (domain specific languages) by Brian Kernighan. Lemme find it...
@fedops @jlamothe Absolutely. We lost a lot when we adopted GUIs wholesale and it's so much fun, and kinda terrifying, to explore these CLI tools.
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