Pro tip: When you call technical support cursing and screaming, then you threaten to take your business elsewhere if you're put on hold, that only makes me want to put you on hold so I never have to deal with you again.

Maybe rethink that tactic?

@jlamothe just because tech support people are generally trained to be polite the customers feel privileged to vent on them as if they were the ones who made the product. Kind of idiotic if you ask me.

@jlamothe even with your local support, marking all of your mails as urgent and being an ass will make you slide down the queue, being decent and not shitty ID going to make us help you way faster :)

@jlamothe Pro tip: when you call technical support cursing, screaming, and making threats you all but guarantee that you will be put on hold while your case is escalated to a Supervisor or Manager.

Maybe rethink that tactic?

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