( who remembers ... "The JavaScript trap " essay ? )


Moreover... the pragmatic approach to... could be ? what do you think ?

"[..] code needs to change fairly often and why using dependencies is (opposed to what you would expect) counter-productive. Jake argues that, on the long run, it is more efficient to write your own code.[..]"


Endless inspiration from your Blog guys , at companies like Lullabot and the community,

This time,... exactly what i was looking for "How to "retire" a drupal website " ?

cc @e0ipso


" Here in Anarres we have nothing but our freedom. We have nothing to give you but your own freedom. We have no law but the single principle of mutual aid between individuals. We have no government but the single principle of free association. We have no states, no nations, no presidents, no generals, no bankers, no landlords, no wages, no charity, no police, no soldiers, no wars. Nor do we have much else. We are sharers, not owners.”

.- Ursula K. LeGuin - The Dispossessed (1974)

Who wants his own

at the beast's heart ? 💓 🐉

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vs 💸

" Design Freedom for Teams
Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. Non dependent on operating systems, Penpot is web based and works with open web standards (SVG). For all and empowered by the community. "

design & prototyping


Best-of Web Development with

A ranked list of awesome python libraries for web development. Updated weekly.


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