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"ME recovery state"... after BIOS check/loading...

Uh,... i've got my Lenovo's laptop under Intel 👁️ spyware 's sight all these years ?

Happy #1984 ?

« SystemD, servicios y Etherpad » |

¿qué es SystemD y que nos trae para la gestión de servicios en sistemas /

Feminist protest in Mexico City on 18 July 2021 demanding justice for Susana Garrido, a young teacher who was murdered in CDMX last April by her former partner.

hey @c3po

ando por acá ahora... me mudé, por abreviar

Ah ... « the benevolent (self-procclaimed) dictorships » ... for life ?

we all ... have one inside ?

i've found this wonderful project...

beatiful to know you exist


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