Tried out version 9 on my as well as the latest development build. Found I couldn't send numbers to voice mail on either, so using voicemail dosen't really work. Back on version 5 now, where sending the numbers works for about half the attempts.

Wow, GamingOnLinux has a big list of free Linux games:

You can filter by genre.
If you want to find open source games, you can also filter by license!

#opensource #linux #gaming

New lawsuit: Why do Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with Google via cellular data when they're not even in use? • The Register

The EU Council is pushing for encryption backdoors to messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Signal to fight terrorism (German article):

Despite the fact that errors of investigation in Austrian authorities had made the attack possible in the first place and not a lack of digital surveillance powers. Politicians must start to understand that more surveillance will not lead to more security. That's why we fight any attempt for an encryption backdoor:

No. How about we take the trillion (+) dollars money laundered through your bank and use that instead? Yes. This is the way.

"Deutsche Bank appears to have facilitated more than half of the $2 trillion of suspicious transactions that were flagged to the U.S. government over nearly two decades, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported."


My ZFS woes started looking like hardware troubles when the kernel did a null deref without the ZFS modules loaded. Removing the graphics card made everything but graphics work much better. Made another backup, got some more checksum errors. Could have been from eariler ZFS issues. Attempted to restore damaged files and system died so fast the kernel didn't have time to panic. Still don't know the cause.

Computers can be such a bother.

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Apple's anti-repair tactics on the new iPhone 12:

Genuine parts swapped between brand new iPhone 12s won't work properly until swapped back.

Most likely explanation: Apple intentionally ensuring no one can self-repair or use a third party service. Not a new MO for them by any means.

Despicable behavior. Remember this source of e-waste when Apple pretends to care about the environment.

If your website looks/operates like shit in text-based browsers. Rethink your site.

This is especially true if nothing shows up when visited without javascript (aka JS;DR).

The Free Software Conservancy @conservancy has asked Microsoft to resign from the RIAA over the recent takedown of youtube-dl, an important tool for free software users, as well as journalists:

US pol, COVID-19 surrender 

"Their only strategy at this point is praying for a vaccine." -- Aaron Rupar

That pretty much sums it up. Herd immunity is the same thing. The strategy is don't do anything and hope for a miracle cure/preventative. You can see that in Trump's continual jumping on one miracle cure after another, from Hydroxychloroquine to bleach to whatever.

But there's a deeper reason, ideologically -- the right doesn't want to help people.

#uspol #coronavirus #COVID19

Whole -dl takedown situation is joke. Wtf, I can download cOpYrIgHtEd content with my browser, mb it's time to send DMCA to Chromium and Firefox?

Whoever decided autocorrect should automatically replace valid words with suggestions should not be making decisions.

Watched the -Rex team get their sample. There was a nice animation of the spacecraft at work streaming from Twitch. Couldn't watch it through the office LAN, so to the rescue!

Tried out 0.8.5 on Gentoo. Either I didn't switch back to 0.8.4 fast enough, or some old files had bit-rot after 1.5 years of sitting on ZFS. Scrubbing the array (0.8.4) found few errors, but making a new backup found plenty. This makes me question the reliability claims made about ZFS. 0.8.5 kept dereferencing null pointers. Underlying NVMe devices report no errors.

3 months of hackers tapdancing across apple's infrastructure is not only unacceptable, it is completely dangerous... and the fact no one at apple noticed is another travesty.

Wake up and take control of your data, this isn't a game. Use FOSS tools to help you take back your life and stop trading security for convenience.

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The idea of a "personal carbon footprint" was popularized by BP, the world's 6th largest polluter. They knew that passing the buck onto "individual responsibility" ensured they would never be held accountable.

You know what to do.
Boosts are appreciated ✅

It must be nice to have an entire wing of a hospital, a cadre of top physicians, and access to any and all potential/emerging treatments, all on the taxpayer's dime, while the recipient himself doesn't believe in paying taxes, evaded every tax obligation for decades, and flaunted the fact that he didn't follow well-known precautions.

Vote Biden Nov. 3 - imperfect, but not this chaos.

Trump’s Symptoms Described as ‘Very Concerning’ Even as Doctors Offer Rosier Picture:

Artificial Intelligence has become an overused marketing thing, especially in its more buzzword compliant form AI. I like to have fun with it by reading AI as Al(bert) so I can find out what tasks Al is doing. He must be very busy. All that work may drive him weird.

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