So you're quickly losing your vision. What do you spend the remaining time with vision doing?

@jinxd I've been thinking about that. Depending on what it is I'd try to avoid behavior that speeds up the deterioration. If that's possible.

Depending on your age there might be a pressing need to find a different field of work. Which might need training up for. Or maybe it's possible to stay put if you master Braille readers, etc.

Privately, I'd probably concentrate more on the audio side of things. Like learn to play an instrument and generally get into music more.

@fedops That's what I've been trying to do too, slow the progression. Nothing working however. Picked up a guitar, but haven't had motivation to play it. I love coding and computig, would suck to have to give that up. It's my profession as well.

@jinxd yeah, it must be hard. How bad is it and what's the trajectory?

My own eyesight has been getting significantly worse the past 7 years. I've worn glasses all my life but now I need reading glasses as well and the bifocals I currently have are driving me nuts. Especially for screen work, or small things like model building. Plus everything requires much more light. Have to see how that progresses and what to do about it mid-term.

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