If I pay someone to clean my apartment, I have to pay "value-added-tax". Can someone kindly inform me, what value is added? If anything is a fund transfer, of which I've paid income taxes, and the person receiving it, will (normally) pay income taxes.

if you tried to sell the apartment before the cleaner did their work, wouldn't the potential buyer think of how much it would cost them clean it up? :-)

@lxo That wasn't the point.. many or most services doesn't add any "value" to society, thus shouldn't be taxed as such.

Same for foods. Shouldn't be any VAT on that (maybe unhealthy foods). You need food, it adds no value besides keeping you alive, (to pay more taxes). You do poop some out, but I pay sewage taxes, so that should cover it. And really, that sewage heat, is being used to heat water, which is sold to people as heating. So technically they should pay me back to take a dump. ;)

if you think the service and the food don't provide you with any value, how come you even pay for them? even if the value they provide just cancel out natural (or artificial) decay, it's still value that you recognize when you pay for it. though I'll oversimplify, they're still worth the congealed human labor that went into them. you may want to refer to the canonical book that economists of all leanings, and interested laypeople resort to to understand the notion of value: volume I of The Capital, by Karl Marx. nevermind the propaganda about his political inclinations, it's as objective and scientific an analysis as one could possibly hope for, and it's quite accessible too. whether or not you support his activism, it was spelled out elsewhere

@lxo I'm happy to pay for foods that mother earth provided, and to pay the people who grew and nutured for it, or whomever sold it on. But the governemt should have no stake in that at all with "value added taxes".

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