The joys of apartment life #1:

Neighbors blasting XMAS songs a month before XMAS. Puh-lease!

Moving is...a terrible thing to go thru. I still got too much junk.

Our 6-yr-old Fairphone 2 is being upgraded to Android 10. That’s 7 years of software support! An industry first for an Android device! πŸ™Œ Together with the open source community we built the operating system. Proving it is possible to put sustainability at the heart of tech. 🌿

What's with all those uncalled-for political posts today? Why aren't people CW'ing them anymore? I'm not interested in reading about that stuff. If I would, I'd be on Twitter...

Yet another release of AntennaPod is available on Google Play and @fdroidorg! Version 2.4 brings:
βœ… Multi-select for episode lists & on the Subscriptions screen
↔️ Swipe actions on episode lists
πŸ”„ Improved pull-to-refresh (less likely accidental refresh)
🚀 Updated speed selector (no more endless tapping)

Download now ( or get the update via your app store!

Every time I install something on my vps (ubuntu) i feel like I'm clobbering and eating up precious space. "...and the following 8000 NEW packages (which are really in no way related) will also be installed".

Hotel life #6: When a bunch of fairly toasted people move in above your own room.

Maybe not a widely used option to ssh, but ssh -J <hostA> <hostB> will ProxyJump via HostA to B.

Optionally you can add ProxyJump to your .ssh/config file for the host.

Actually managed to find a mattress without plastics in it, and only natural substances. Go IKEA.

We're about to approach the yearly peak of human consumerism: Emails are flooding, spend all your money, now.

If I pay someone to clean my apartment, I have to pay "value-added-tax". Can someone kindly inform me, what value is added? If anything is a fund transfer, of which I've paid income taxes, and the person receiving it, will (normally) pay income taxes.

Hotel life #5: Since all my server stash is in storage, network = OpenWRT PI4 router (WAN->WWAN (hotel wifi)), over wireguard VPN. 5TB portable WD drive with backups, shared via USB3.0 on router and shares. PIhole running in docker on local machine (+ various stuff on VPS'es).

` is not a valid IP address`..... oh rly? Go !

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