I'm wiping the disks of a bunch of old laptops today for a friend and all of these old laptops (minus the MacBook) have hardware connectivity switches. It makes me sad to see how modern "innovation" is often just taking controls away from the end user.

@jiminycricket It's still there. It's just a fn key now instead of a physical switch.

@WhoNeedszZz A fn key sends a signal in software, instead of hardware, so not quite the same. Software can bypass or ignore a software signal.

@jiminycricket Yeah, that's true. The hardware switch also sends a signal too, which can be ignored. Software checks the status of the switch. 😉

@paulopinto ThinkPads are one of the few lines of laptops that still have the physical switches. I have one too and I always recommend them when a friend is buying a new laptop!

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