I have been forced back to windows on my main computer to use proper CAD software for my senior design project. My small rebellion is writing all my code in vim in git bash

Is #FediLab done? The developer recently deleted their mastodon and GitHub accounts.

If it is done, I hope the developer has success with their next endeavour

In case anyone still thinks WhatsApp is secure, there are people in Saudi Arabia whose job is to read other people's messages all day long. My father who works for an international NGO has bumped shoulders with some of these people before.

I'm searching for a good instance to create an account for w0rmh0le Live!, which will be dedicated to posting updates about streaming projects, etc. It won't be a bot, it will be run by me. I'm looking for a good instance that will allow that kind of content and, preferably, have other streamers/content-creators, etc.

boosts welcome

Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

Went caroling with my family around the neighborhood last night (wearing masks and standing several meters away from doors). Kind of wish Christmas was further away so we could go by more houses, the smiles of our neighbors were wonderful to see.

I’m going to legally turn NixNet into a non-profit and I’m going to start looking for a lawyer to work with on that directly after New Year’s.

Does anyone have any advice? I’ve never done this nor do I know anyone who has so I am completely green.

Anyone here interested in doing paid work on open-source software on a regular basis across multiple programming languages? There's an idea I would like to discuss.

The life of a Food Banker is a busy one.
Worked about 5 hours on a Sunday catching up on reports & emails
Good news is that the office was extremely quiet today! :D
Please keep on supporting your local Food Bank and Food Pantries, as we help those in need.

Nostalgia time. Back when Spain was unstoppable and South Africa was the place to be, summer 2010.

Remember people calling ranger slow? Let me introduce you to hunter. Same idea but instead of python it is written in rust and is blazing fast

Anyone here used before? It is a tui email client written in rust. I use aerc but am tempted to try it out.

Hello, Fediverse! We're Mullvad VPN, a provider that believes that you have a right to privacy.

#introductions #introductions #privacy #vpn #newhere

We successfully tested Direct Messages between Pixelfed and Mastodon!

The Direct Messages feature will be shipping later today! 🎉

#pixelfed #direct

Hi everyone! We need your help with our Wikipedia page.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this message?


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