My recommendation for a feed reader:

If you have a few feeds and read everything (this is how I use RSS), choose . Clean, elegant UI, good defaults.

If you want to keep unread feeds around or need filtering, choose . Not as pleasant to use but has more advanced features.

I've gotten back into lately in an attempt to gain some control over the content I consume.

Each day, I'll scroll past dozens of headlines on Reddit/HN but rarely spot anything worthwhile. My feed reader yields maybe 5-10 articles a week, but I read all of them.

The trick is curation -- only subscribing to high-quality feeds that I actually read.

My favorite feature is how fluidly it lets you interact with external programs. I made this little demo where I convert some timestampts to Unix time by piping multiple selections into `date`.

I can feel myself starting to actually *like* . Is this Stockholm syndrome?

If anyone is looking for a Trello alternative, I'd just like to recommend @kanboard. Easy to install, simple design, open source. I've been using it for a few weeks and I'm really happy with it!


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