@PINE64 BE Convergence came in today. Been waiting on a phone to do all of this since my first Android phone.

@jfenn2199 what’s the difference between the convergence and standard versions?

@Spaceface16518 the convergence comes with a 32GB eMMC (16 on the standard) and 3GB of ram rather than 2 on the standard. In addition it ships with the Convergence dock (it does have issues with being powerful enough to charge while in use but good to get you off the ground).

@jfenn2199 @Spaceface16518 I just got my PinePhone today too. I couldn't get the USB hub to power my USB audio interface which requires 600 mA until I flashed the ANX7688 firmware from

@jfenn2199 @PINE64 would you mind explaining a bit what one would see? Is this a monitor connected to a pinephone, as a replacement fur a laptop/desktop?

@Xystel the Pi is my stress test. I have a docker container to test webthings gateway, running retropie, and just generally anytime I want to do something that has a risk of breaking things I'll try it first on that. But for this instance it was flashing jumpdrive and downloading Mobian.

@lx242 @PINE64 on Manjero plasma by default essentially set up the phone screen with controls and launched the applications on the full monitor. I didn't take time to really mess around with changing settings, as I flashed over to Mobian (I've been using debian based systems for the better part of a decade and don't want to take the time to learn a different package manager). Overall though both Manjero and Mobian have met my expectation given hardware and maturity of software.

@jfenn2199 @PINE64 Can't wait till mobian supports this. I may have to switch my os until then

@jfenn2199 @PINE64 For now, convergence on the pinephone is more like a proof of concept. Actually, the software supports it ok, but the pinephone's hardware is way too week for any real world use. When you launch, say, Libreoffice, it takes ages to load. I guess it makes sense with reasonably powerful hardware, like with the Librem5, but really, with the Pinephone, it is just for playing around.

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