So, Discord is rather trash with their whole privacy thing.

But is there a real easy solution that doesnt require a beefy backend to host? There is Riot/Synapse but the backend is very lacking and stores everything without any way to delete it. XMPP is a nice alternative backend wise, but has no good frontend on the windows side i can give to my windows only friends.

Anyone got a smart solution to this? Trying to get off discord.

I do have Telegram and Signal, but both need phone numbers.

I like signal more, but telegram does give out usernames afterwards.

Mumble is great for VOIP gaming and Signal/Telegram is great for mobile calling.

Preferably it would be self hostable, but not required if the servers hosted have a good means to get funded.

@jex Movim runs in the browser. It's much more than just chat but the chat functionality is very nice and everyone with an XMPP account can join. One disadvantage the current version doesn't have E2E.

Jitsi Meet also runs in the browser but it's more targeted at video chat. It's extremely easy to set up, no account needed, just share a link.

@ericbuijs @jex I agree with Eric
Jitsi meet is super easy and in the browser, just share the link. Can be audio only if it doesn't detect a camera.

I'm currently researching to build a discord alternative. A lot of people say to just contribute to Matrix, but after reading the Matrix spec over this past weekend, I don't think it would be feasible.

I'm considering building on top of Mumble. I think it would be cool to make it federated too.

So, for now, I do not believe there is a real discors alternative.

@nebunez Look into the XMPP protocol too, its absolutely ridicously documented and a banger of a backend. Only really need a good proper frontend to be amazing.

@nebunez There is dino but its still heavily in development and rather simplistic and does alot of things in its own way. But does show promise to become great.

But no Windows release of it, so many of my friends who run windows for gaming cant use that client, and have to use something else.

@jex Discord's closest analog for its purpose is Mumble but they haven't had a release in a couple years.

@jex YMMV but we're using mattermost (h/t to @tbr) for some stuff. It's FOSS which is also nice, and the team seems responsive to issues when found.

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