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Damn 31 with 3.34 is butter smooth on my ultra-wide 100hz. I recommend everyone to upgrade if they use GNOME.

Also have a posted not on a sunday.

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Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops With Pre-Installed

Some of the best laptops on the market are now shipping with Deepin Linux pre-installed.

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@diggity Overpriced anti cloud solution advertises buying cloud solutions.

My tab is just filled with Firefox's VPN.

Just so you know, VPNs are not the saviour that they claim to be in advertisments. Please do not fall for routing all your personal data to some company based in panama for "security" from the hackers or privacy. VPNs are not really private unless you know exactly how to stay private, which is almost none of the current main stream VPN services' users.

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So i got my Rpi4b today. All exited to set it up as my own 2nd computer as a project. It runs idle at 65c, running x with just xterm rises it to 72c. Room temperature is 21c. Everything is upgraded and without any case. I feel so ripped off and i am returning this piece of garbage of a SOC.

Not a good sign when my minecraft server permanently fucked itself just now. So yeah, will be a fun time fixing that as well, if at all.

Well, round two is a go. Im now the proud owner of a new domain and VPS to host. Now to actually put theese things together and have usable results.

Wish me luck

So I have a newfound push to start blogging again. How and what should I use that's privacy friendly and cheap on the money side. (Configuration is just fun, so VPS etc is on the table)

I want it to be statically run and preferably be able to have control over having php scripts running or similar.

So my little Gentoo adventure has been completed. And my thoughts about it is that its not really something to do in 2019. Computers are too powerfull to get any difference for self compiling.

openRC vs systemd is just some internet bs. They work around the same for the end user. So im not really gonna bother.

Im thinking about doing Arch now as a lightweight tiling os over Gentoo. As what got me away from it is the compile times for almost no difference.

I got a homeserver now, its not hosting to the wide web, only LAN. Any cool ideas what to use it for?

Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to stay safe on a semi-public network.

So much misinformation about that VPNs based in Panama and that has only existed for 2 years is the way to go and you'd be stupid otherwise. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I have set up DoH trough Firefox as well as forcing HTTPS + removing some bad cert algorithms from working.

I have a strong eye on and VPN, and been on Mullvad for over a year now. I dont like the idea of VPNs but might be the best for privacy?

The sounds of the stepper motors on a 3dprinter is 2019's dialup sounds.

I am so disappointed in Fosstodon & Mastodon. It hurts me deeply to see how people react to drama from both sides. I really wish i could find a better social medium that does not cause these kinds of unfound for outbursts of hate.

Its not just mastodon, its the internet as a whole. Everyone is jerking each others dicks so that you wont get socially outcast for trying to think yourself.

I might just leave the internet as a whole one day, this is just ridiculous.

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Firefox for Android 68 :firefox: introduces support for the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn):

– supports built-in biometrics scanners, or security tokens (NFC, Bluetooth etc.)
– Firefox for Android doesn't support legacy U2F, and won't support in future

#firefox #mozilla #android #webauthn #fido2 #infosec #cybersecurity #security

Portage makes your computer into a radiator. A radiator is not something you want to be on in the middle of summer.

I'm furious at myself for never bothering to install Gentoo. I have told myself now for the past few months "today is the day", but I constantly get distracted by something. That being YouTube, researching to upgrade my quality of life (wireless earbuds, 1440p IPS etc)

So I never get to install Gentoo, I just avoid it without much reason to because I want to learn it with a passion. Im just lazy and procrastinating at this point...

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