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Guys what's a good video editor for linux? Like, the best one?

Why is that really old leather things, bags, holsters, etc. smell like literal dog shit?

Did I pay extra on amazon prime for a channel devoted to PBS documentaries? You bet I did.


Got a little GK64 barebones kit to tide me over while I work on the UHK repairs. Threw in my cherry clears and a set of ebay caps. Clears are not my favorite but quiet.

Since today is my birthday I figured I'd hand out a digital copy of my book to everyone. Like, bypass Amazon free:

I replaced those three switches. Still won't register. How did I ruin it with just swapping bits?

Welp, all but three switches work on the UHK. No clue what's up and about 50% of the leds light up. I can't be this bad at soldering.

Remember things having fan site kits? With 32px icons and banners for your html table enjoyment?

TMO deleted his blog... nothing to read now.

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