Power came back on today after being out since Sunday morning. No water since Wednesday. Glad house isn't 40F anymore.

The best part of RSS is that nobody gets your email address. 📬

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Sale on our 5-year Pro plan 

Finally, to celebrate our birthday and set us up for the future, we're doing a one-day sale on our five-year Pro plan!

Until 11:59pm Eastern, you can get 25% off this long-term subscription, and settle in without worrying about monthly or yearly charges. write.as/5years

Besides giving you everything on Write.as and a permanent home for your writing, this is one of the best ways to support all of the work we do.

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Tomorrow marks our 6th anniversary! 🎂 Keep an eye out for something special to celebrate 👀

Logged into my blogger acct from forever ago. No blog there but still... Google project graveyard.

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One of these days Ill bother to log into IRC and figure out how to get a lobste.rs account so I can finally respond to comments.

Just installed tangerines on the keyboard. My first linear switch, and boy are they smoooooooth.

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hey @write_as what's the size limit on pics for snap.as?

Set in the early 60's a young woman comes to terms with a rare genetic anomaly that allows her to become invisible at will. The only issue is that while she is cloaked from view the urge to do harm rises. Spanning a month in her life, this story covers her fight to control the problems that she faces both externally and internally with her condition.

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Guys what's a good video editor for linux? Like, the best one?

Why is that really old leather things, bags, holsters, etc. smell like literal dog shit?

Did I pay extra on amazon prime for a channel devoted to PBS documentaries? You bet I did.


Got a little GK64 barebones kit to tide me over while I work on the UHK repairs. Threw in my cherry clears and a set of ebay caps. Clears are not my favorite but quiet.

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