Looks like I can't get my ebooks into Calibre because they're all from kindle and even the ePub files from the desktop kindle software have drm protection.

Man, switching to mp3 and good earbuds... I forgot how shitty spotify's streaming quality was.

Now that I've got all my music in mp3 formats in a big ol yellow folder on my desktop, it's time for the ebooks.

Good morning, hope everyone is doing well.

Ordered new switches for my keyboard in May. They still haven't shipped because of a mixup in order numbers folks who ordered months later got theirs first.

Alright y'all, what's an open source MP3 player I can run on Mac(Catalina)/windows/Ubuntu?

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Gooooood Morning Fosstodon!

I'm ready to reclaim my music library, and my control along with it.

What are people using to stream their own library to multiple devices and what works well?

I'll probably want to do the same for video at some point, but less urgent. If there's something that solves both, that'd be neat though.

Update: I deleted Spotify from everything.

I'm too scared to put this xp machine online. Time to make it a box. What's a good distro for 1.67hgz, 512mb ram 80gb hd?

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Noticed more sites giving out discord links instead of email addresses for questions and support.


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I turned on the paid option for my write.as blog and changed the name of it afterwards. Now it's write.as/misprints/

Deleted my patreon account this week when I realized I can support folks via their github instead.

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I've reached the "repairing junk zunes from eBay" stage of quarantine.

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