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I wanted to start a "back to basic" series for org-mode and Emacs.

The idea is to make people more aware of what org-mode has "out of the box" without rushing to use various packages and code bits: the productivity philosophy behind the "why", not just the "how."

I ended up repeating a few things I've said before, so if you find that you're interested in more details about something, look under the "orgmode" tag.

Hope you enjoy it!

#orgmode #emacs #productivity

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« A former contractor who helped blow the whistle on the company’s programme to listen to users’ Siri recordings has decided to go public, in protest at the lack of action taken as a result of the disclosures. »

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Check out the soon-to-be released 20.04 "Focal Fossa", in screenshots! Next up, the post-installation desktop. The final release is less than a week away on April 23rd. Be sure to help test the RC images when they arrive this weekend.

Does anyone use Matrix bridges?

I'm a bit confused by them. Do you have to run your own homeserver? If I want to run my own custom bridge do I need to run it on my own homeserver so I can integrate it and enable it?

For things like the matrix slack bridge are credentials stored on the matrix servers then?

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@mike I'm using Gentoo, I could spend weeks just compiling and configuring things. :)

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i've unearthed the US patent for the standard Symbolics 3600 LISP Machine

it's here:

it contains the full hardware description and, ironically, spends most of the time documenting the LISP Machine kernel, as if the hardware is seemingly not the most tremendous discovery, which gives me goose bumps...

anyway, some important things to note:

>garbage collection implemented in hardware
>type checking implemented in hardware
>kernel traps implemented in hardware (i think x86 does this as well, i forget)

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