@kelbot how do you like the package manager compared to pacman?

@kelbot I've been interested in checking Void out as well. I'd be interested to hear what you think if you end up giving it a go!

@blueberry I did this with the YouTube app. It's a much better experience in the browser since I can use ad block :)

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The Quest for the Time-Bird/La quête de l'oiseau du temps (Infogrames, 1989) #DOSGaming

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Opossums can play dead for up to four hours to avoid capture or death.

@blueberry the ANSI variant preorders just went up last night!

I just preordered a . It'll be my first ARM laptop. I'm really looking forward to it

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I'm currently trying to figure out how to convert WAV to MIDI SDS. FFmpeg has a demuxer, but no muxer :( I'm hoping Audacity has something

@yyp I absolutely love Zig. Rust was a promising C alternative for me, but I always found some sort of reason why I couldn't make the switch completely. Zig so far has been incredibly productive and lightning quick to learn. I like it more than both C or Rust at this point

@starbreaker I'll check them out! I haven't listened to either. I've been really enjoying Archspire, Beyond Creation, and Sun Speaker/Ov Lustra

@starbreaker hello! I saw your intro and am also a big metal head 😎 been listening to a lot of technical death metal and technical death core these days

@0PT41N I'm also a big proponent of XFCE lately :) I really like the low resource usage of DE's like XFCE/LXDE/MATE. Between those two specifically, I've enjoyed using GNOME 3 in the past. It's been rock solid and easy to use when you get into its workflow. I actually have never tried KDE before, but I've been meaning to. I think I'll check it out this week

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@0PT41N thank you so much! And no I haven't given it a name yet :) I have a bad time naming most things I've put out. Gonna try and work and expand on some of these loops into full songs. There's a couple more loops I put on my SoundCloud if you're interested!


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