It is now more important than ever for most people to learn just how far big tech has taken away their online privacy. Most people simply don't care because they haven't taken time to understand just how serious online privacy is.

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Just because you've got nothing to hide doesn't mean you should give fuckerberg everything! So let's share useful information concerning online privacy to people who likely don't know. After that follow it up with recommendations on what services they could use instead of FB, IG or Google spyware.

Unless people quit using shitty services like gmail, companies like Google will continue making more advanced spyware based on the massive data they harvest on daily basis from the same people who claim to have nothing to hide.

You may start with simple resources like and move them up gradually.

Also, please comment with any other simple to use privacy resources that community members can share with other people to understand online privacy.

Boosts appreciated :)

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