What's your favorite open source on ?

I'm looking for recommendations on those with better features, both functionality and aesthetic features even if I'd have to donate a little something to the devs

Boosts are appreciated 😊

@jef People seem to really love K9, FairEmail also has it's fans. Other stuff like Librem Mail and Simple Mail I don't hear anyone talk about, if you have time to experiment go nuts. Extra tip: If you are using F-Droid switch to Foxy Droid client, you won't regret it.

Very nice and clean interface indeed. But I do not believe they have an android client, do they?

@jef I've been using K9 for a long long time. I really like it except for one very weird thing; you can't turn of HTML formatted emails. You can choose to compose plain text messages, but you can't force incoming messages as plain text, which is plain stupid.

I have tried K-9. I ended up feeling as though it was overly simplistic that it sacrificed important functionality and the aesthetics. But it's usability is unquestionable. Thank you for the recommendations

Have you used Tutanota app before? The difference is what I'm talking about

@jef @totoroot No. They doesn't support IMAP. What does they offer that others don't?

Yes unfortunately they don't support both imap and pop3 due to security reasons. Their differentiation is the look and feel of their email clients that provide full functionality features like ability to send email using aliases. Very few open source email clients can do that I think

Interesting. I don't know how to do that. How can I add other identities?

@jef @totoroot Settings / <Your Account> / Sending mail / Manage identifies.

Thank you. K9 just became a favorite of mine!

Tutanota is open source alright and has a really beautiful interface but it can only be used with Tutamail. Open source providers like geary can support multiple email providers although that in itself is a problem because its universality means it wouldn't support all individual features of each provider like the ability to send emails using aliases which is important to me

But thank you for the excellent suggestion. Tutanota has a solid email client for both iOS and android

@jef Ahh, I tried both FairEmail and K9 with my ISP Mail self-hosted email, both had quirks (difficulty setting up) and way too many options for me, ended up on the default Samsung email app.

I'm not an email power-user though.

Probably need to give FairEmail another shot, it seemed pretty young ~2 years ago when I was trying it.

I've been getting suggestions to try FairEmail a lot now I will go and try it.
I was surprised I hadn't even thought of Samsung Mail until you mentioned it. I downloaded and tried it. The interface is very nice and generally I like it. The only downside is that it failed to sync/doesn't sync custom-created Inbox-subfolders that usually help me organize my email. Not sure whether that's a bug or a feature but I wish it could do that

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