Here are some things on my 2021 home tech todo list:

* Setup Matrix instance
* Setup Mastodon instance
* Home backups
* Replace Google Photos

I already self host my email. What other things are people doing to divest from big tech?

This is a doozy of a CVE for sudo. Ooof. I am glad I am not working in shared webhosting any more.

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Oh hi!

I am Joe Doss and I love FOSS. I'm a Fedora/WireGuard package maintainer. Have been using Linux since Red Hat 5. I work for on the Systems Eng team. Previously I was the Director of Engineering Operations for where I lead the SRE and Systems Eng teams.

I love running Fedora and Fedora CoreOS in production. At home/work I use Fedora Workstation as my daily driver. :fedora:

I look forward to tooting about FOSS with you all!


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