@tallblondeguy @ReverendLinc Based on the error message you received, it looks like it's attempting to use the wrong port. I used the CLI gmni client.

@BrownAlpine Note: it is a few years old so there may be a newer model.

@BrownAlpine I've been really happy with the Synology DS218+.

I got it specifically because I wanted to be able to also use it as a Home Theatre server and it supports hardware decoding.

It also can run Docker, so I can run whatever apps I may want there.

@adamprocter Make sure you charge your laptop on the right side, not on the left and balance Thunderbolt devices across both sides. There are known thermal issues...

@sbanwart Awful isn't it? It's like half the speed anymore. Some sites are so particularly bad that the animations are unusable on non-Chrome browsers...

I would rather do network maintenance, in production, under duress, than attempt to do network maintenance at home.

At least in the production scenario, people have the assumption that there is good reason for maintenance.

At my home, there is never a good reason for the network to be down and my users are very vocal the instant it drops.

@Mundon I agree, but it feels like a lot of the recommendations come from services I don't subscribe to. I wonder if there is a kick-back if they drive subscriptions... Either way, I'm really happy with the speed of the little device


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