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how about a set of updated, pragmatic, applied-use man pages


cron - emails you once daily to remind you the machine is online. can also be used to schedule more useful tasks.

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Decisions decisions.... Setup a laptop for a non-tech friend with..
Ubuntu MATE,
Linux Mint MATE,
or just straight up
Regular Ubuntu...
Something that I don't use...

Yes, is more aesthetically pleasing, but at the cost of stripped down functionality and configurability. Another thing going for Gnome is I keep my customization in ansible (dconf/gsettings). As far as I can tell there is no viable similar alternative for . Apart from horrible config files in ~/.config/.

I do not recall how long it has been, but I am back on desktop. At least on my home computer. And the reason is rather ironic - as I see it, there is no decent image viewer for /#GNOME. KDE has and it seems to be great. It even has side-by-side image view and sane keyboard shortcuts. Now I should be able to get through photos and weed out keepers with ease.

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It you have a google account please help with reporting this as harmful and impersonating.

*DO NOT INSTALL* (except if you are a malware researcher 😉)

Fake F-Droid app, please report:

Why restructured text has such a horrible and hard to comprehend documentation?! In comparison has much clearer documentations and cheat sheets just one web search away. Also, I find myself always having to look up syntax, while markdown is simple enough to know by heart.

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Who the fuck came with the extraordinary idea that I need permission to use other people's written words or code?

Thank God I don't need a license to speak.

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Repeat after me: you don't need javascript to make 90% of websites.

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Ian Murdock, Debian creator, dead in shady circumstances this day, four years ago.

He named Debian after his girlfriend (later wife) Debra Lynn, and himself (Deb and Ian).

A days before we’ve seen some very strange tweets by him about the police violence, and then his Twitter was immediately gone. But internet remembers everything.


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For the next year I really wish something would change with web stuff, please, make progressive enhancement a thing.

I noticed I consume less and less information from conventional web, simply because it is such a malicious wasteland. If nothing changes I will just disable JS in web browser with the exception of few whitelist sites.

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Bring back RSS feeds, webrings, fandom shrines, blogs, and personal websites!!!

Modern day version of a famous quote: 

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As beautiful as is, I can't bring myself to running a distro that comes from one of the most privacy abusive countries on the planet. I'll run a device from , as long as I can run my own ROM on it, but an entire distro is a stretch. This country has modern day concentration camps for and a fetish for state run media and facial recognition. History will not look favorably on any of this. Sure, is , but open source also means .

Anyone have a suggestion on some log viewer/analyzer. I found glogg, but it's bit ugly and seems to be buggy.

What I need is to define some custom coloring rules/regexes. It is for ad-hoc troubleshooting, so nothing fancy like ELK/Splunk or whatever.

I would use vim/grep, but I need some visual feedback and ability to select/bookmark some log messages.

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TypeScript is very bad: just fixed the code of a collegue that did public foo: 'X' instead of public foo = 'X' so Angular did think there was a type 'X':

TL;DR TypeScript seems nice but there is still the underlying JavaScript code that is garbage.

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@vecna Also: Electron doesn’t turn a web app into a desktop program. Writing software in web languages also doesn’t automatically makes it cross platform. It only makes them run in different browsers.

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Extremely unpopular opinion among web developers I guess, but most websites should not be programs.

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