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*facebook is down*
*instagram is down*
*whatsapp is down*

me: excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about decentralization?

Its 6:47am, the sun is out, and I got 8+ hours of sleep. Happy 4th to all my fellow Americans!🇺🇸 🎆 🗽

May your burgers, dogs, and BBQ be many and taste great today!🇺🇸 🍔 🌭 🐖

Late start todays is arms and celebration! Happy 4th of July!

This is my first toot! I'm a consultant and developer working with Kubernetes and Golang. I've been a part of the K8S community for a few years and have rrecently started serving on it's release team. I'm interested in learning more about machine learning and chaos engineering.

2FA is an important security feature, and must not have its trust undermined. Did @Facebook allow its use as just another advertising data point? #ItsComplicated

Good morning it’s Tuesday and we got no excuses. Working on some pods today, believe it or not the initial data base backup is still running. This thing is huge!

Have @Facebook been using your 2FA phone number to advertise at you? We asked them seven simple questions about their usage of 2FA phone numbers. Here's our five takeaways from a slightly confusing exchange:

Why do people think they should be paid just for existing, I see people posting patreon, PayPal, etc links to support them yet they are giving nothing back? What is the thought process that you give nothing but want from others?

Good morning time to kill the week! Today is chest, work, and maybe some yard work depending on the weather

Riseup, a radical tech collective now has a VPN for censorship circumvention, location anonymization and traffic encryption.

People can use it for free (though donations are welcome)

#DigitalCommons #Surveillance #MovementTech

It’s Sunday today we conquer shoulders and obliques. This should be fun!

It’s Saturday we still have goals, today is one my favorite days legs with heavy squats. Database backup is running still, servers decommissioned had a couple I missed was hidden in the dc. Looking to upgrade my personal servers for some projects. Introduced NextCloud talk on my family one for communications.

This is how I feel like I need to operate when I'm using i3. I don't, but it feels that way to me. Still, interesting selection of tool recommendations. Is there anybody here that already lives purely in the command line?

"Without a GUI--How to Live Entirely in a Terminal | Linux Journal"

n-gate, HN 

Beautiful phrasing:

"Facebook, unsatisfied with being an unregulated newspaper, post office, and telephone service, decides the only way to recover from years of user-abuse scandals is to become an unregulated bank."

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