If you're thinking of paying for email, go for @protonmail instead.

It's cheaper, more private, and hosted outside US.

Another gym gripe 

If there's one thing I hate, it's waiting at the gym.

...and waiting...

...and waiting...

Stop eating crap and finish your workout. 😑

@brandon a fajita was poor food south of the border. It was skirt steak and some vegetables in a tortilla folded in half. A burrito was meat, beans, cheese, maybe some vegetables wrapped around and folded into a pouch, and 40+ years later I’m still figuring out what a wrap is....

Old school south Texan

Running late this morning making new habits is not easy, giving up is. Today is legs and projects!

Slackware is the Linux distribution that has been maintained continuously for the longest period of time. Its name is inspired by the Church of the SubGenius. :jrbd: SubGenius.com ... slackware.com

Good morning! Today is a push day we gonna hit some chest and triceps, for work we got that database moved and ran a script to modify somethings now see if we can get the services up!

Gym today is pull, switching up workout to focus more on reps and time then on amount of weights. What’s your plan today? Gonna make a pihole with some doh!

@kev had one kept picking up my usb mouse as a boot drive

How is your day today? Shoulders and relaxing today for me, going to see John Wick tonight. What are your plans?

Sorry for not posting much, had a major incident with a client had to spend the last 3 days taking care of them. I’m back now! Today is legs and setting up java connections to the large database for testing.

Well, my day got quite busy trying to figure out why the bootloader for #FreeBSD wouldn't boot 12.0 after the first phase yet could boot kernel.old (11.2) just fine.

After some help from the good folks in #freebsd on #Freenode, it seems that the loader binary has a bug in 12.0-RELEASE and it might be fixed in -STABLE, so tomorrow I'll copy that loader binary over and hope for the best.

For now, shares are still up under the 11.2 kernel, so I can wait until I return.

For now, gym time. 💪

I keep getting pushed into this political nightmare. Should we ban all political discussion on LR?

I have always took a stance that we are a Linux instance we should talk about Linux and tech but never stopped anyone from any topic. So do we start banning topics all out and say no politics on this instance?

Good morning happy Tuesday we made it past Monday! Today is back and biceps and we modify a billion tables with some basic scripting on bash

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