Running late this morning making new habits is not easy, giving up is. Today is legs and projects!

Good morning! Today is a push day we gonna hit some chest and triceps, for work we got that database moved and ran a script to modify somethings now see if we can get the services up!

Gym today is pull, switching up workout to focus more on reps and time then on amount of weights. What’s your plan today? Gonna make a pihole with some doh!

How is your day today? Shoulders and relaxing today for me, going to see John Wick tonight. What are your plans?

Good morning happy Tuesday we made it past Monday! Today is back and biceps and we modify a billion tables with some basic scripting on bash

Rescued some kittens out of the road last night. It was a lot of fun getting them safe.

Today is tricep and chest, then got some yard work to take care of. Have a tree down and some mowing. Checking on database yes the backup/copy is almost complete 40+ Tb

Shoulders and the farm my friend. Today we tackle shoulder and make a trip to the farm for some good beef and chicken. I like knowing where my food comes from.

Today is legs, it is my favorite as I’m a huge fan of squats, then it’s Friday date lunch with my partner.

Late start todays is arms and celebration! Happy 4th of July!

Good morning it’s Tuesday and we got no excuses. Working on some pods today, believe it or not the initial data base backup is still running. This thing is huge!

Good morning time to kill the week! Today is chest, work, and maybe some yard work depending on the weather

It’s Sunday today we conquer shoulders and obliques. This should be fun!

It’s Saturday we still have goals, today is one my favorite days legs with heavy squats. Database backup is running still, servers decommissioned had a couple I missed was hidden in the dc. Looking to upgrade my personal servers for some projects. Introduced NextCloud talk on my family one for communications.

Last night was a fun night of decommissioning servers. Took our around 27, successful migrations for customers. We heading to the gym an little late, today is arms. What your Friday plans? Have you setup containers, what did you use? How big of scale?

Had to be at work early today, didn’t wake up and workout. Guess what we are doing now. Tonight is maintenance night we are turning down a bunch of retiring servers. Gonna be working late.

Don’t want to be awake, but we got things to take care of. Good morning!

It’s time to get it. Plans today get an upgrade on a large system done , backups are done.

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