Version 2 of my timer. Added a button and 2 LEDs and switched to the Arduino Nano.

Been trying out MicroPython today on my ESP8266. Made a breathing pomodoro timer.

Found a much better font to use on my weather forecast thing. I can fit more text and use less-cryptic abbreviations.

Good progress on my weather forecast thing. Shifting my attention to the case next.

I was never satisfied with a distro-packaged version of LibreOffice. Too many bugs and too intrusive (excessive number of packages and executables). I downloaded and installed the AppImage version today and have been really happy with it so far!

My 10 yr old son made this spaceship with Blender. (I helped him with the UV mapping.) So proud!

Apparently, this is what happens when you forget to put the frames in a beehive, and the bees get to build how they feel, via Naked Capitalism:

Playing some multiplayer Open Red Alert and BZFlag with the kids for our day

My bees are loving the mild winter. Saw them bringing in loads of pollen today.

Day 2 of my QWERTY->Colemak switch. Very slow progress. is helping.

: is a worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools 🌱


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