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Success! This project saved me. He's asked for someone to take it over. Can I manage that and pay the community back?

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There's a project on github for this. Fingers crossed. So far drivers installed but monitor not detected. But it looks promising.

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Think I might have bought a usb 3.0 for my laptop which doesn't support linux :(

Should I be offended at the programmer stereotype in movies? Watching Bloodshot and it's pretty bad in that regard like so many others.

Privacy Badger only has about 1million users? Why so low? Is there something better?

so i have this check i need to deposit. figured i'd try to do that from the house. can't find the apk for my bank unless i go through google the google play store. in any fashion. bank tells me there is no other way to get their app. i find a version anyway and install it. however it's not the current version and it wants to update itself through the playstore before it will open.
so i boot into windows(ugh) only to find out they discontinued the means to deposit a check from windows.

Splurged on this beauty at the airport in Seoule. Best wheel on any mouse i'ved owned.

Social Isolation. Or as I call it, just a normal day.

Why is it that everyone who sits behind me on a flight feels comfortable putting their feet on the ARM rests?

To the point they extend into the seat in front, which happens to be where my arm is resting?

Do t hey think it's cool to touch my arm with their feet or even put their feet with or without shoes on where people will be resting arms? Inconsiderate bastards. I know some of YOU do this, too. Stop it, you inconsiderate bastards.

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Made it to the US and currently awaiting the boarding call for my final flight.

This was actually my most enjoyable flight home. Flights were 70% full or less resulting in me having 3 seats to myself the whole trip, lines were almost nonexistent from check, security, immigration. etc.

There was even no waiting for the lavatory on the planes.

But I do have one question....

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Today's the day I try to fly out of Manila headed back to the US. One driver has already canceled afraid that my needing to go home is not reason enough to travel and he'll get fined or arrested.

If the next one cancels, I'm going to figure out how to walk to the airport. It's 30 minutes by car in normal traffic. So I guess I should be able to manage in no traffic on foot.

Seems every company that has my email is there for me amid the virus threat.

Something tells there's a hidden part to those emails.

So I'm wearing a useless mask. The local supermarket just implemented a rule that you have to have a mask to enter. There was a street vendor selling cloth masks for about 1 USD. Guess I'll keep it in my pocket in case other places force me to wear a useless mask.

It really is useless since now there are no cars on the street so it's not even blocking car gunk.

good time to start listening to hhtg again. earth is being demolished as i type this

Don't Panic! and make sure you know where your towel is and that it's covering your nose and mouth.

Or does that mean there are 2 files downloading that aren't shown?

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Did I miss another UX deal that I don't understand? I've done a fresh install of lxde.

It asks me every time what I want to do when removable media is inserted with no option to remember this selection. What happened to that option? Was it deemed too hard a question for users?

Crazy people"
The raspberry pi will never be a desktop replacement as long as you keep comparing it to full sized state of the art computers or even state of the art couple of year old computers.

If that's your standard, you can stop answering that question now.

However, if you want to know if the rpi is a serviceable descktop, the rpi 3 was serviceable and the rpi 4 is better.

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