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My website will have some downtime when I am switching to github pages. Then I will be uploading my next blog post.

I am looking for a alternative.

Any comments or suggestions?

very realistic donut 

I’m trying to 3D model with blender just for fun haha

If anyone is using you should try using emptty as your display manager. Its so fast even on my 2008 laptop with an ssd.

To start it at boot all you have to do is type:
systemctl enable emptty.service

Switched from Void Linux to Arch Linux on my laptop.
Just wanted to try out Arch and configuring my system myself. Needed to reinstall Void anyway if I stayed on it.

Lets see how good Arch is with XFCE. So far its looking like a good distro other then that it stops at a gray screen at boot before it goes to the login screen.

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fediverse-Action - post to Fediverse when code on GitHub is changed
YouTube 2 PeerTube - mirror YouTube channels to #PeerTube
gemifedi - Gemini frontend to Fediverse
BirdSiteLIVE - Twitter to ActivityPub bridge
ligh7hau5 - Matrix to Fediverse client / bridge - Emulate group accounts on #Mastodon
yt2pt - Set of scripts to quickly import your YouTube channel to PeerTube
corpus-activity-streams - Activity Streams 2.0 vocabulary data and alternative docs

For all tools visit:

Why I switched to Linux Mint

rss feed: (I am trying to fix the links for now they are broken) (never fixed it yet)

day 3 of

Just tried while it was lightweight and the only WM I would think about using. I got tint2 panel working but I could never get an icon for WiFi and Volume in the panel.

It might not be what I am looking for. Mostly what I want is a panel with the same things as any other DE has. Unless I am doing it wrong I would not use openboxwm as of right now.

Currently using the distro I really like.

This is really the wrong audience for this post, but:

My opinion of the need-to-know terminal commands. Basics here only:

While waiting for my C.H.I.P. to update last night, installed OpenBSD 6.8 on a spare RPI3 and going to have it replace my older RPI that's running pihole. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

Wrote an #article about #gemini. Tried to keep it as #beginner friendly as possible.

What's All The Hype About Gemini And How To Get On Board

Also has a look into the #Lagrange #browser.

#basics #foss #protocol

List of apps for the Pinephone (Running Manjaro Phosh)

Cawbird - Twitter
Dialect - Translate
Decoder - QR Scanner
Dillo - Lightweight Desktop Web Browser
FeedReader - RSS Feed reader if you have an rss server

Feeds - Normal RSS Reader
Fragments - Torrents
Geary - Email
Giara - Reddit
Markets - Stock and crypto prices
Lollypop - Music
Mpv - Video
spot - Spotify
Authenticator - 2FA

Gnome Web - Nice web browser
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