@jpaul that looks like my briar Id. You go to the + icon and then add contact from distance and your id will be there.

@jpaul I am online right now. You just need to tell me your id.

FreeBSD feels like a different world. No shiny snaps, no flatpaks, no electron apps. Most apps have download links for Windows, Linux and macOS but not for FreeBSD. Although Freshports have a good collection of software for FreeBSD, the real fun lies in building from source.

@XxAlexXx @kenny
The pinephone might break easily but at least its not planned obsolescence.

@kenny @XxAlexXx you are correct
the companies just try to get the most profit

@danslerush @gnome @Solus
Some other distros have gnome 40 and is not listed there. Arch has gnome 40 but is not listed there.

@sotneStatue @sotolf Its not that close to Arch. Distros like endeavour os are closer to arch then manjaro is.

@ducheng Yeah your right it is little bit better then centralization but still has issues.

@ducheng Yeah someone does have to host it but if you as the user is not happy with the content and rules that are there anyone can just make another instance with there own rules.

@ducheng Yeah that is why we need decentralized technology and platforms. Most of the issues you said are then easily fixed.

@ducheng Mastodon never works like that. If an instance wants to allow those kind of post they can.

@gamey @gabmus Yeah I have the pinebook pro and its really good for $200

You would think its not as good as it really is

My contact is if you want to add me


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