Is there a static site generator that is very simple for my blog?
I am using hugo currently but I would want something that is simpler.

All I want it to do is covert my markdown files to html and then generate a main page with all my posts on it. My site would have css to make it nicer. Along with an rss feed that can go to my site at /blog instead of going to /

At first I said static site host but I meant generator.

@rohkostmett I know about Jekyll but have not looked at it much before because its very much like hugo. But I will take a look at it and see.

@linmob @jason123santa Looking at the documentation, zola looks almost identical to jekyll.

@linmob @rohkostmett
Had I look at Zola and it looks like the best choice.
It has only one config.toml file making it so much easier. I looked at the same kind of theme for both Zola and Hugo and the hugo one looked so much more completed.

@jason123santa @rohkostmett Yeah, Zola themes are a bit lackluster still. I am considering to publish what I am working on if it's any good.

@linmob @rohkostmett
I don't care if the themes are basic. All I want to be able to do is write my posts in markdown and make it automatically generate a main page. Zola does that and it will work good for me.

Your website is really good. The only thing about it is the app list is to big causing it to slow down the pinephone till its fully loaded in.

@jason123santa @rohkostmett My website is still running Jekyll, but I‘ve spent a lot of time with Zola lately and will use it for my website soon.

@jason123santa @rohkostmett Thank you! I am very aware of the LINMOBapps load time issue on Linux Phones by trying to use it myself on my PinePhone or Librem 5. After redoing my blog with Zola I hope to finally replace LINMOBapps with something that's not based on a huge csv list that loads forever.

@linmob @jason123santa @rohkostmett and if you go there it references a large list from which to choose if any are of interest. me im glad to see org mode as a template option..

@jason123santa @kev be sure to post any issues in the GitHub repo that you possibly come across. It is still very early in its life cycle :P

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