I want to know the general thoughts on signal , I've used it for years but currently I'm worried it's going closed source . What's you opinion on signal. What's alternatives do you use .

@GreyLinux I been using Signal since about 2018 (It might not be that year). Only with one person as another way of communicating but its been great.

I also have used Tox, Jami, Matrix, XMPP, Telegram, briar, delta chat, Session.
The ones I recommend are mostly Matrix, signal, xmpp (have not tested it much but its been good when I did) and DeltaChat (It uses email so as long as your email is private then it should be private to).

@jason123santa yeah I've recently seen a lot of mention of session and it seems pretty promising , I've tried Jami and it was still a little rough around the edges but I'm intrigued by XMPP and DeltaChat .


@GreyLinux If you want to try a fully decentralized chat messenger then Briar is nice to try.
DeltaChat is nothing more then a frontend for email but email can be really private if used correctly.
I made a video about session if you want to check it out
Its nothing different then any other messenger like Signal or Matrix and xmpp.

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