@jason123santa This post mention bloat, but the blogpost doesn't mention bloat. Isn't that technically clickbait? ;)

Regarding the post itself, there's one thing I don't agree with:

>Some distros like Arch and Gentoo let the user have complete control over the system.

I wouldn't say that Arch let you have complete control over it. While you can technically elbow your way around most things, it's not really a userfriendly or productive way of doing it. :)

@hund @jason123santa I have to agree with @hund here, arch is a good distro, if what it does works for you, if you don't want systemd for example you'd have to do loads of work or switch to artix

@sotolf @hund Your right I used bloat in the toot but then minimal in the blog post. Should of said I was taking about minimal distros but bloat and minimal are almost similar but still different.

Arch only gives control over the packages that are installed. For most users that would be all the control they need.

@sotolf @hund It was not written to be clickbait if that is what you think it is. I just used the words / terms wrong.

@jason123santa @sotolf I didn't think so either, I was just teasing with you. :)

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